Tillington Parish Council comprises Chairman Bob Sneller, Clerk to the Council: Mrs Jean Huggett and eight elected or co-opted Councillors: Mr Tom Compton (Vice-Chairman), Mrs Sally Greenwell, Mr Charles Drake, Mrs Fran Rhys-Evans, Mr Bill Creasey, Mrs Andrina Lunt, Mr Roger Morgan-Grenville and Mrs Luzaan Allison. County and District Councillors also attend meetings as required. 

Within the Council there are three committees: Planning, Finance and Environment.  The Planning Committee reviews all parish planning applications and sends its recommendation to the District Council Planning Officer.  The Finance Committee agrees the annual parish budget and accounts, and sets the Precept for the year. The Environmental Committee is responsible for all outdoor parish matters including footpaths, hedges and trees and flooding.

The Council usually meets every two months at 7.00pm in the Village Hall in the centre of Tillington.  Notices of forthcoming meetings can be found on the Parish notice boards in Tillington (Village Hall), Upperton (next to the red phone box) and River.  All meetings are open to the public and parishioners are most welcome.

The Pavilion, Recreation Ground and Tennis courts are available for hire for private functions or corporate events. The Pavilion is equipped with changing rooms, toilets and showers and is also suitable for small meetings. The Recreation Ground enjoys some fine views of the South Downs and is ideal for sporting events, wedding receptions (wonderful location for a marquee), car boot sales, etc.

All enquiries relating to the Parish Council or the Pavilion should be sent to the  Parish Clerk, Mrs Jean Huggett,Tel: (01798) 343906.       
                                                                                                                      E-Mail: clerktillingtonpc@gmail.com
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                                                                      TILLINGTON PARISH COUNCIL
                                                                      Officers and Committees 2018/2019

                               Chairman     Mr Bob Sneller                                    
Vice-Chairman Mr Tom Compton

Mr T Compton (Chairman)                                                Planning   Vacant (Chairman)
     Mr R Sneller and Mrs S Greenwell,                     Mrs A Lunt, Mrs F Rhys-Evans and Mr Bill Creasey

      Mr C Drake and Mr Roger Morgan-Grenville            

District Council North-East Forum  The Chairman and Clerk                      County Local Committee    The Chairman and Clerk
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