The Parish of Tillington, lying beneath the South Downs in West Sussex. includes the village of Tillington and the hamlets of Upperton and River, altogether a population of some 550 people.

Tillington stands on a hill above the A272 between Midhurst and Petworth.  To the south the village overlooks the Rother  Valley and to the South Downs beyond.  To the east it borders Petworth Park, the home of Lord Egremont and his family.  All Hallows Church is renowned throughout the region for the Scots Crown surmounting the tower.  It stands as a welcoming beacon for travellers along the busy A272.

The hamlets of Upperton and River sit high above
Tillington providing magnificent views of the South
Downs, many of which can be seen from the
network of public footpaths in the area.

Welcome to the village of Tillington and the hamlets of Upperton and River
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